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It's a beautiful day, not too hot, with a cool breeze, so he youporno decides to go for a dessert in a small town near the beach. Because the good time you choose, a nice little sun dress that leaves youporno little to the imagination, especially because you never wear a bra to wear. It is still early, and as we have jammed the place is completely empty. The waiter youporno comes and brings us menus and desserts. as we eat dessert, you will youporno begin to lick the spoon slowly sucking and teasing in her mouth. I slip my hand under the table and begins to rub her thighs a little. I know you want that bother youporno me, but I decide that I am writing to you is to whine. I take your hand and run your fingers of the cream on the plate. I slowly bring your hand over my youporno mouth and I stuck my tongue out to lick his fingers and then suck their fingers covered with cream in my mouth and run my tongue around it. I see you agained on, are the nipples so hard they are always pushing through her ​​dress. I say, get up, when to push my chair and asked to sit on my lap. You can feel my hard cock pressing against her ass. I clean up some cream back over and run your finger around the mouth and licking and sucking toes. By doing this I start kissing her neck and I can hear a moan escape her mouth. I think slowly kissing her neck and nibble your ear a little twist to enable it. Then I run my hand through the mouth of the breast to play with her ​​nipples. Try to contain your groans when rolled between your fingers and slowly pull them. You close your eyes and tilt your head back over my shoulder. I'm starting to kiss the cheek and turns his head so that I can give in lips, taste the cream dessert my kiss. I kiss you long and hard, leaving my mouth and slide my tongue between her lips part, running on their own teeth, and then against the tongue. When we kissYou begin to know himself rubbing my cock hard and I can feel the heat between her legs. I'm keeping both hands on the chest and then down her stomach until her hands on her hips. I slide my hands up to your knees and bring your legs apart. Then slowly slide my thighs to hang your clothes Lift pass, your hips on the fly. Very hot today, and you can start to smell. When I touch your pussy thong cover their whole body trembles. You are so wet her panties wet. I slowly rub the material against her wet pussy, teasing her clitoris to make you groan. As I pulled the belt to one side, you hear a male voice, coughing politely. I whisper to you it seems that we have and smile. The waiter returned with our bill. I tell you, sign up for youporno our food. The waiter can not be through the eyes of her wet pussy. Diffusion in my lap and legs, you can see everything. How do you register, you feel me slipping two fingers into her pussy and moans. You can see orpy to see that the waiters will be cleared and you can see how hard your penis is through his pants. Then look around to see if anyone is watching, but the place is still empty and no one sees, besides the bartender. When you are finished signing, you lean against me, and pull the strap of her clothes and shows her breast. They are beginning to show with them, play with us. I have to lift yourself, and I take my youporno rock hard cock in his pants. Then slowly sit back down, they lament. The bartender can not keep his eyes filled her cunt, as it is with my cock. You begin to sway back and my cock while I rub my clit in circles. They are so excited, I can feel your tight pussy quiver around my penis. You tell the waiter, unzip his pants and show his cock. He takes it slow do not know what to do. So I say to rub, so we can see. You are really on and her pussy is so wet that my eggs runny. You tell the waiter to come andThey masturbate us, you say you want to cum on his chest. He is youporno in a queue to escape all the time. I'm starting to really catch the pussy, sliding his cock in youporno her pussy and how it will grind on my lap. I can feel you cum. You begin to moan and groan louder, your pussy squeeze my cock. Only then can hear the groans waiter and feel your hot sticky sperm get hit in the chest and dripping between her breasts. How do you feel the hot cum slide your body can not keep up and shakes the whole body. You are running very hard. Her pussy is pressed around my penis, and their juices are flowing all over my cock. I bite my neck and feeling my cock in her pussy as I cum and fill her pussy. The waiter just sits there with his now flaccid penis in his hand. I say to stand up and lean on the table, and I ask the waiter if I want a dessert, spread your legs. He just nods his head and kneels betweenHis legs and starts eating her pussy filled with semen. He shakes his head and rub my cock cum in her mouth. Is kissing and hugging her tongue to slowly lick and suck clean. I feel you complain about my cock as you cum again to have her pussy tongue cleaning with the waiter. If you are up and we ended up fixing Cumming clothing and thank the waiter for dessert. As we walk through the door you look back, and the waiter is still there on his knees with his cock sticking hard and now a mixture of our semen youporno in the face. She winks and smiles. To turn your back on me and let my arm around her waist enjoying the cool night breeze and the sound of waves on the beach.
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